My goal is to find beauty in the world around us and share that in my photographs. This is a challenge, but the process is fun. Examples of my work can be found on the walls of the Richmond Square Shopping Center on Richmond, Indiana’s east side.  My pictures have been on display and won awards at the Richmond Columbian Properties, Photography Competition And Exhibit (Richmond, IN), at the Preble County Fine Arts Center (Eaton, Ohio); at the Arts Depot (Union City, IN), at Minnetrista Arts Place (Muncie, Indiana), at the Richmond Art Museum, at the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition held at Indiana University East (Richmond, IN) and at the Healing Art show at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital in Oxford, Ohio. 
     In 2012, I was honored to have my first one-woman show at The Barry MacDowell Gallery, Reid Hospital and Health Care Services, Richmond, IN. The show received rave reviews from hospital staff and visitors.
     I am so pleased when people enjoy my pictures. Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." That’s how I feel when I pick up my camera—clean and free and that’s what I would like for people to feel when they see my pictures.
     Please email if you are interested in meeting or want to know more about my work.