Mary Anne Butters(non-registered)
Beautiful! You are such a talented artist, Diana!
Joyce Hull(non-registered)
I like the pictures of Levi and Nikita, they are precious. Lrvi looks very sweet and loving.
Leslie Ryan(non-registered)
I love your work and am excited to see that you are expanding your portfolio.
Amish Elvis(non-registered)
I love your site, Diana! I hope it does a lot of business for you. Keep up your outstanding work!
Dianne Butler(non-registered)
Diana, I am so proud of you. I feel honored to have had the privilege of witnessing your growth and tweak your skills on the road as a professional photographer. The commando sessions have always proved to be educational! Thank you for sharing yourself and time with me!
Julie Shaffer Smith(non-registered)
I first met you when you were an instructor at Ivy Tech maybe 25 years ago. I thought you were terrific back then. More so now. You and your work are amazing.
I really like the barn photos, and black and whites. take care, Julie
Susan Yaeger(non-registered)
Sharing a small part of your journey is an honor. It is always astonishing to see how you capture every day 'things' in extraordinary ways. I think -- well, I was there and didn't see that image! Because it wasn't through your magic lens. Congratulations on making this giant step along the way. I am so proud of your talent.
Sondra Simar(non-registered)
Great work! I love the photos and the website. Keep up the good work. I'm still hoping to see the wheel chair photo soon.
Carl Gay(non-registered)
Very impressive!! Great subjects and great composititon! I hope you are planning on sending out Christmas cards w/ your pictures on them! Yes , I expect one......Looking forward to seeing more....
Teresa Burdge(non-registered)
This is quite an amazing project to have created. I loved everyone of your photos. You find the greatest photos when you're not even looking. Keep up the great work, and I will visit the site again soon.
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